Landlord with 0.35% arrears invests in RentSense

Community Gateway Association (CGA), based in Preston, has invested in RentSense, despite having arrears of 0.35%, to help mitigate the cost of living crisis.

CGA has around 7,000 homes in the City of Preston. Their income team adopt a tailored approach to income collection which helps provide positive outcomes for both tenants and CGA, and according to Julie Lee, Head of Income Management at CGA explains:

“The person centric service approach has enabled us to connect with our customers, limit the impact of these challenges by maximising their income and provide services to improve their wellbeing and quality of life.  This approach has had a positive impact on collections, and at year end our arrears were the lowest on record at 0.35%.”

However, CGA is concerned around the future for their tenants, as food and energy prices soar in a cost of living crisis.

City of Preston skyline – Mark McNeill Unsplash

We believe there will be an increase in the number of customers requiring some level of support. With this in mind, we looked at how we could create capacity within the team to allow for the expected increase in demand. After considering many options, and talking to other RSLs we felt Mobysoft was the best solution. The feedback we received from RSLs was extremely positive,”

Julie Lee, Head of Income Management, Community Gateway Association

“We’re really looking forward to working with Community Gateway Association. Like many providers, their reason for investing is about giving their officers more time to support their customers, and not necessarily about reducing arrears. We are already working with CGA on getting RentSense deployed so we can begin supporting them.” Stated Paul Evans, Chief Commercial Officer at Mobysoft.