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Whether you are a Finance Director focused on the numbers, or a Director of Housing (or Customer Services or Operations) focused on quality customer-service, RentSense offers a range of benefits from day one.
And, for those managing the rent-collection process, or sitting within the rent-collection or housing
team, RentSense offers a real step change and transformation of workflow and working
practices. RentSense delivers tangible benefits to all involved:


IT Director’s view

RentSense offers flexibility, in that it can be integrated or stand alone, whilst using existing data to organisations make better business decisions

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What our customers say

It’s great. We dip into one another’s work when they are on leave. It just means you don’t have the stress or anxiety of coming back to an unmanageable workload, as it has been done for you.
Ali Kirby

Connect’s Client Success Manager is good to work with and the regular meetings we have are very useful. It shows how we are performing, and we analyse reports that shine a light on performance.
Ilyas Lunat
Connect Housing Association

Nine months after implementation we had exceeded our initial target (of reducing arrears by £600,000) and at the moment, about ten months post RentSense, arrears have fallen by almost £800,000.
Kristian Melgaard

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Be ready for what tomorrow brings.

A RentTest enables landlords to benchmark their data against 170 landlords and see what RentSense would deliver for their organisation